In the New "Frisbee F.D." Our Firedog Hero Must Save a Super Stoned Old Lady

"Now I get it... the only way to remove THC from your DNA is by reversing your evolution!"

All images by Brian Blomerth and Kate Levitt.

In our comic series Frisbee F.D., we follow the escapades of a weed-loving firedog who works in a town that hasn't seen smoke rise from anywhere but a blunt in over 300 years. Nonetheless, our protagonist has dedicated his life to getting high and protecting his community (in that order!).

In today's installment, Frisbee must save an old lady who's downed a pot-infused cupcake and is losing her shit. Read the comic below, which was created by the inimitable illustrator Brian Blomerth and otherworldly musician Kate Levitt. 

Visit Brian Blomerth's website here to see more of his work.

Written on May 18, 2017 by

Brian Blomerth and Kate Levitt

Brian Blomerth is a talented illustrator whose comics often involve dog-people losing their shit in surreal neo-cities populated by other psychopathic dog-people. Kate Levitt is an otherworldly musician who co-writes comics with Brian. Both live in Brooklyn and are mad geniuses.